VR Final Battle Strike 3D – FPS War Action Game下载以及测评

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VR Final Battle Strike 3D – FPS War Action Game下载以及测评


Now you can play 3d cinema action movie at your place only with your smartphone and VR glasses.

You have an opportunity to fight against enemies in virtual reality based environment.
A remote enemy base camp has been spotted at the north region of the city...
As an elite officer, you have been given a mission to clear the enemy base; but within the limited time period.

You will be encountered by enemy soldiers at each checkpoint and you have to kill them and move step by step.
The Mission assigned to you directly from the GHQ.

Your Mission:
Your mission is to surround the enemy and kill. You will have limited amunation and will have limited time period.
Destroy all important enemy assets including Fuel and Ammunition dumps, military tanks & helicopters.

You might be attacked by enemy Gunship Helicopters or encounter mines or booby traps.
Shoot the target at will.
Go & won the battle; wish you good luck... Soldier

How to Play:
- Tap play button and fit your device into VR glasses
- Sit on revolving chair or stand in open area for 360° rotation
- See left/right, up/down for aiming to shoot enemies
- The weapons will reload itself but keep an eye on your life bar.

- Virtual Reality based FPS (First Person Shooter)
- Complete Battlefield real looking 3D environment
- Amazing Movie Quality sound effects and sound track
- Easy GUI and controls
- Enemy AI
- Auto weapon control and selection

Visit our website for more info:
Absologix Technology Limited - A Gaming Studio
Web: www.absologix.com
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VR Final Battle Strike 3D – FPS War Action Game下载以及测评

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