Chunky Cat下载以及测评

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Chunky Cat下载以及测评


Beat your objectives with new cats! Play with them to clear all levels!

There’s a reason this cat is so chunky! There are so many delicious critters roaming around the city roofs, not even a fat lazy cat like Chunky can ignore them! Help him catch as many snacks
as you can, but beware! There are many dangers lurking around. Dangerous falls, mice traps, guard dogs and other perils will try to end Chunky's quest for mighty food. Don't let them!
Fight for Chunky's flab, be the roundest feline hero that has ever been!


- The only game where you play a fat cat… who is proud of his flab.
- Enjoy the excitement of being a city hunter.
- Each prey needs its own unique tactics to be hunted.
- Avoid the dangers of the city rooftoops.
- 30 exciting levels full of fun, danger and calories.
- Classy as heck jazz music.
- Smooth and easy gameplay for all ages and level of skill.
- Unique and high quality art.
- Playable both horizontal and vertical.
- Available for tablet and smartphone.
- It’s a game about a fat cat, what else could you possibly want?

Reviews about Chunky Cat:

-"The gameplay is really good and the artistic style is outstanding" via Xataka Android

-" We can't miss this interesting game created by an indie Spanish team, whom had known how to offer us a really fun experience." via Xombit Games

-"A ton of people will like Chunky Cat. We can predict the furor this game will cause at the Google App Store..." via

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Chunky Cat下载以及测评

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