Glory Ridge下载以及测评

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Glory Ridge下载以及测评


Glory Ridge is one of 2017's most enjoyable battle strategy games, where there is a world full of magic and a host of magical heroes waiting for you to recruit! Train legendary heroes and send elite troops into battle to face tough enemies and seek victory! In this all-new strategy game, you can also use the features of MMO games, join player Alliances, and cooperate with allies to gain tons of bonuses inside and outside of combat. Take on powerful PVE bosses to obtain legendary loot. Alliance members can help each other build their cities and fight enemy players. Use skill and strategy and become the King of this battle strategy game!

- Fight against players from all over the world on the same persistent Global Server! Lead large armies and conquer enemy territory, raid player cities and plunder their resources.

- Invincible Heroes! Choose heroes with different skills and talents. Level up heroes and their skills to make them the ultimate warriors. Use them to defend your territory and lead your troops into battle!

- The game includes a variety of races including: Dwarves, Elves, The Undead, Humans, Chaos and Nature! Fight against tough undead creatures and summon powerful allies.

- Train a large selection of troops for your armies and unlock elite units to crush your enemies. Combine Titans, Archangels, Black Dragons, and Cyclops with different types of troops!

- Defeat your enemies on the battlefield to gain treasure and EXP! Craft and equip powerful equipment for your character to give you bonuses to city building or combat.

Download and play the newest MOO 《Glory Ridge》 for free and use your strategy to claim ultimate glory!

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Glory Ridge下载以及测评

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