Terminator: Survival下载以及测评

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Terminator: Survival下载以及测评


Dog one-three, dog on-three what's your twenty? What's your situation? ... ... ... WHAT?! You don't have much time. Listen! ...Get your starter kit going now. They're coming for you! Those soulless T-800s sent by Skynet only know how to do one thing - exterminate all life. Judgement Day has passed, this is your one chance to survive... Quick, tap GET and install Terminator: Survival if you want to live!

Join the human resistance in Terminator: Survival. Humans, once the dominant power, are now on the brink of extinction, hiding from the machines that hunt them down. Battle Skynet as humanity fights for its very existence in this unique strategic card-based RPG.

Assist Kyle Reese in building a settlement of human survivors and Join John Connor in the fight against Skynet and their Terminators. Your skills and strategies are needed to take down the machines, and to save humankind

Everyone dies. How long can you survive?


- No ads!
- Epic free-to-play card strategy Role Playing Game
- Recruit other survivors and band together to fight the machines.
- Unlock and upgrade tools, supplies and troops.
- Collect, level up and evolve cards to increase your chances of survival
- Set in the classic world of the original Terminator film
- Detailed hand drawn art that brings the world of The Terminator to life on your mobile screen!
- Participate in special events for bonus tools, supplies and weaponry





Terminator: Survival下载以及测评

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