Snake Fighting – Select Server下载以及测评

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Snake Fighting – Select Server下载以及测评


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!!!!

Snake Off game simulated game Snake on Nokia phones were very familiar to everyone.
But with new features allowing players to play online together or play against A.I (offline) makes particularly attractive for video game and fun!

Great Features:
• Players can choose to play an online server. Easy to play with friends, easily choose the the fastest server
• Support 2 snake io game center modes: Online and Offline against A.I.

How to play Snake:
• Round (bottom right): Map & your location.
• Leaderboard (top right corner): Ranking the top 10 longest snakes.
• Use a speed button (shaped rocket, the lower right corner of the screen) to run faster. Note when running fast, the snake's length will be reduced.
• Bottom left: Your server address (if Online), your length and your ratings.
• Control the snake to avoid crashing into other snakes.

Some gaming experiences when playing snake io game (worm game/ slither game):
• You can hunt by curled around the smaller snake. But beware those "opportunities" can do so with both you and your prey.
• When the larger snakes move slower and more difficult to wriggle. If you are a kid solid, calmly waiting for the opportunity to wriggle or large solid block head.
• When you see the food, just curled around it as quickly as possible to avoid being robbed others.
• When you go big, focus hunting large batches.
• Use well-timed acceleration, it makes solid shortening. Sometimes you can not control the speed, crashing into another snake!
• Do not be impatient, let snake grows slowly!

Wish you have moments of hunting fun, comfortable with the Snake Off game Snake Fighting – Select Server下载以及测评





Snake Fighting – Select Server下载以及测评

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