King Of Wars下载以及测评

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King Of Wars下载以及测评


Welcome to the world of King of Wars! Your any command may spark the enormous firing, and your any decision may result in real triggering of gun powder! You will battle with the real players in real time, your army will bloodthirstily fight in a same battlefield, and your swordsmen, archers, cavalrymen and other forces will fiercely fight under your free control and command, they fight in the same dimension of time, and in the same time space, to help you grab the throne of king ultimately.Globally First Strategic Real Time Battle Game
King of Wars is a genuine real time battle strategic game, in which each battle is clearly a new beginning, each honor is to be accumulated, each defeat is bound to be marked on the bottom of the heart, in this game, level up is based on accumulation of experience, the higher the level, the stronger your king will be, and you will have the chance to challenge all global masters of the game, and you may set your foot into the global ranking list, winning the upmost boundless honor.
Online Battle
In the online battle, there are the standard battle mode, king battle mode, which may suit more players of different levels in playing rapid or highly strategic battle games, and customized maps can be added in its flexible and variable war modes for enjoying more fun.
Special Operation
In the game, each peasant, solder may unrestrictedly conduct their attack on your command, the game starts from the production, gradually accumulates and converts resources into the attacking power, this is a war game integrating the wisdom and individual personality, players can fully exhaust their own wisdom and creative ideas in the game, and you will participate in the frontier fight, storming and sieging fortresses and castles. It truly releases the players as their each strategic decision will not be restricted.
Care for Newbies
There are level quest wars of battle tutoring mode in the game, through each time of variable strategic training, you will accumulate the actual battle experience, and can tackle around with more real players.
Battle Video
In the game, you may experience the castle wall war, turret war, resource seizing and predation war, river way breakthrough war, ant-like war, one man or one gun war and other wars, and more fresh and flexible war tactics, players are welcome to share joys and exchange their experience in the game, you can upload your war video to the ranking list, and the newbies can learn from observing the videos, your video also can be possible to be the epic level tutoring bible.
Customized Maps
In the customized maps, you can create the land terrains and environments you like, increase the difficulty level or make changes on the map to suit the strategic war more fitly.
It is a real breakthrough in the history of strategic games!
Real time battles may exhaust your war strategy, as this is the globally first mobile-client real time free battle strategic game, this game will really set the king’s blood burning! A tyrant or wise king, you can be seen in minutes or seconds.





King Of Wars下载以及测评

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